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Class Descriptions

**Upcoming Aerial Arts Workshop May 2014**

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Only BELLY DANCE and FLOW JAM are currently in session

Belly Dance

Master torso articulation and isolated movements. Join us in the celebration of a beautiful and ancient form of flow that can translate into your everyday life.

Instructor: Lily

Flow Jam

Need warmth, mirrors, high ceilings, hi-fi and wi-fi for you and your friends to practice your unlit fire tools? Want to meet new artists to exchange ideas and encourage moves, tricks, and flows?(hoop, poi, staff, whip, wand, fans, juggling, stilts, and more!) Join in on this supervised, non structured jam time. Donation based.

Supervised by rotating Instructors


Learn the ancient techniques of defending self and others. This particular style of self-defense is called Systema; a martial art focusing on a specific style of counter attacks. Practicing particular movements, awareness, strategies, and the breath. Systema unites mind body spirit energy that enhances confidence, skill and personal power.

Instructor: Mark

Irish Dance

Irish dance is a leaping, stepping, and fast-moving traditional dance form full of intricate footwork and fun. Learn the beginning techniques of step dancing and join in the teamwork of group ceilis.

Instructor: Roisin

Ballet & Core Conditioning

This class combines the precision and technique of the Vaganova method of classical ballet with toning and core strengthening exercises. By combining the leg and feet work of ballet with difficult toning moves in the core and upper body, we will develop an integrated sense of strength to become stronger athletes and dancers overall. We will also work with classical repertoire from famous ballets such as La Bayadere and Paquita to enhance our understanding of the art form.

Instructor: Jenna

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga merges yoga with an aerial silk hammock. Suspended at seat height, the hammock is a prop, intended to assist alignment, deepen awareness and relaxation, and provide immediate benefits of spinal decompression. With the weight of the body partially or fully supported, students explore and create space in the body; finding a balanced and free expression of each pose.

Instructor: Sj

Aerial Lyra

Learn acrobatics on a suspended steel or aluminum hoop. Students learn at their own pace, all levels welcome. Discover mounts, hangs, wraps, and transitions while gaining core strength and confidence. Classes include warm-up, stretching, conditioning and mega fun!

Instructor: Sj

Aerial Silk

Extend dance, grace, and strength from ground to sky.  Aerial silk artists mesh the beauty of dance with gymnastic strength to create a breath-taking cascade of movement on elegantly flowing fabric.  Those willing to explore their curiosity of this ethereal art form will quickly build their upper body strength, tighten their core, and increase their flexibility. An absolute challenge for mind and body; come defy gravity by climbing, dropping, and contorting on fabric.

Instructor: Bethany

Open Aerial Gym 

Students must complete prerequisites before attending an open studio. This time is supervised, not instructed class time. Please come prepared to work independently on the skills you have been leaning in aerial classes. You are your own best teacher! Happy training!

 Supervised by rotating Aerial Instructors